• With Star Poultry Spiral Feeders, the best feed conversion rates are achieved from the first day to the last day of breeding in poultry. All variants of Star Poultry Feeders have easy cleanability, minimum feed loss and easy feed level adjustment.
  • Star Poultry Feeders are feeders that can be used for many years and are easy to clean with feedstuff produced with high quality raw materials.
  • Thanks to a specially designed dish to make it easy to use, chicks can easily reach food even in their early days.
  • Due to the folds on the tab, the feed loss is considerably reduced.
  • The feed level can be easily adjusted depending on the feed setting.
  • The spiral pipe is made of 1.2mm thick sheet and has 275gr/m2 galvanized coating. The nail on the feed prevents feed loss by preventing the feeders from rotating.
  • Spiral feed stores are manufactured as 90kg and 150kg according to feed capacities.
  • The thickness of galvanized sheet on the feed tank is 1mm, the thickness of bottom plate is 1.5mm.
  • The switch at the end of the spiral feeder line automatically stops the engine when all feeders are full. With the decrease in feed in the feeders, the engine starts to work again automatically.

Star Poultry Feeders

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Spiral Feeding Systems Tray Feeder

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