• Isimak DGA series hot air devices are devices that can burn LPG, propane, LNG or CNG and are direct-fired, hangable type flueless heaters. They are hangable heaters that work with 100% thermal efficiency by giving the heated air with combustion gases by their powerful fans in high flow rate.
  • The heater is located in the environment to be heated, gas connection is made and it's connected to the 220V grounded outlet, then it's started by pressing on the button. It circulates the air taken from the environment by passing through high efficient exchanger, heating is achieved immediately. The ambient thermostat can be connected for automatically control of the place's temperature to be heated. When used indoors, it's necessary to provide some fresh air.
  • Heater combustion chamber, burner and body are completely made of stainless steel, so it's designed to be used in high humidity environment. It can be used in low gas pressure as problem-free due to multi-block on it. You can trustfully use the device by means of device standard equipments; ionization system, fan thermostat, safety thermostat, mechanism that provides gas flow to burner by controlling air flow, automatic ignition and automatic flame control.
Heating capacity 86600kcal/h (10.07 kW)
Air flow rate 6650m3/h
Gas pressure 20mbar (G20)
Power supply 230V, 50Hz, 980W
Motor power 750W
Consumption Natural Gas: 9.94m3/h, 20mbar (G20)
LPG: 8.47kg/h - 37mbar (G31)
Weight 56kg
Width 684mm
Length 1187mm
Heigth 535mm