Technical Specifications

  • Galvanized steel sheet is used in the cage.
  • The pillars in the cage's frame are made of 2mm galvanized sheet.
  • The upper compartments of the cage are made of 1 mm galvanized sheet.
  • The lower compartments of the cage are made of 1mm galvanized sheet.
  • The eye compartments of the cage are made of 2mm galvanized steel.
  • The columns that make up the cage's belt bed are manufactured from 1mm galvanized sheet.
  • The cage's tape carrier worms are manufactured from 16mm galvanized pipe.
  • Cage feeder hangers are manufactured from 2mm galvanized sheet.
  • Cage feeders are manufactured from 0.8mm galvanized sheet.
  • The cage front pole and back case are made of 3mm galvanized sheet.
  • Front and rear wraps of the cage are made of 2mm galvanized sheet.
  • Intermediate divisions of the cage's eyes are made from galvanized dip.
  • The lids of the cage eyes are made of galvanized fabric.
  • The bottoms of the cage eyes are made of dipped galvanized fabric with a thickness of 19mm X 19mm and a thickness of 2mm.

Feeding System

  • Fodder feeding system is fully automatic; all galvanized sheet steel.
  • Adjustable knob cover is available to feed the chick in the 2nd floor feeders of the cage.
  • Thanks to specially designed feeders, even one day old chicks can easily reach the feed.
  • Feed trailers move on rails on cages by 0.75hp electric motors and imported steel ropes (PVC coated).
  • Feeders are specially designed to distribute the feed in equal quantities in the cage systems and to prevent the feed from overflowing the feeder.

Water Drinking System

  • There is a water line made of 1 line PVC pipe in each eye.
  • Each cage has 2 flex and 2 CLR brand nipples.
  • Each irrigation line has 1 CLR brand reservoir
  • The water coming from the network is sent to the water pipes with the reservoirs at the appropriate pressure.

Manure Removal System

  • Manure is transported with polypropylene plastic manure band which transports the manure under each layer and extending along the cage to the discharge band.
  • The manure band used is 1mm thick.
  • The movement is carried out with 1.5hp reduction motors for every 3 floors.
  • Thanks to the strippers available at each floor, the manure at the end of the poultry is delivered to the discharge band perfectly.
  • At the back of the cage, a storage system will be installed to prevent contamination by glare splashes.
  • The carrier rolls used in the hoods are specially rubber coated and the band shift is reduced to a minimum.
  • Manure conveyors are equipped with a 6mm thick rubber band with cord fabric, with front rollers and a 1.5hp reducer on the profile construction, working with moving rolls.

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