Thermoblock Solid Fired Molded Stove

  • Solid-fuel hot air generators, known as thermoblocks, generate about 20000m3 of warm air between 50°C and 150°C per hour by burning solid fuels such as coal, pellets, nutshells, walnut shells, vegetable wastes. The hot air produced is used in heating indoor areas such as chicken houses, greenhouses, drying ovens, factory buildings, drying rice and corn in silos, and wherever hot air is required. These are the most economical hot air generators. There are hot air generators with different strengths depending on the area to be heated or the size of the drying silos. Solid fuel thermoblocks save 75% compared to liquid and gaseous fuels.
Length (mm) 2250
Width (mm) 2030
Height (mm) 2150
Weight (kg) 1400
Maximum Temperature (kcal) 350000
Motor Power (kW) 3.74
Combustion Chamber Boilerplate
Brenda Yes
Bellows Pipe No