Technical Specifications

  • The drawers designed in the drawer system provide convenience during the transportation and cleaning of the broilers.
  • Galvanized steel sheet is used in the cage.
  • The cage's pillar is made of 2mm galvanized sheet. Side skirts and mirrors in the cage are manufactured from 0.90mm galvanized. The whole sheet metal is processed in punch, laser and CNC looms.
  • Thanks to the high density polyethylene material used on the cage floors, a comfortable floor is provided even for newborn chicks.
  • This material, which is used on the cage base soils, provides significant advantages both in terms of ventilation, fertilizer application and prevention of burns of ammonia.

Feeding System

  • Feeding consists of spiral feed system and there are 2 plate feeders per eye.
  • The feeding system can be lifted and lowered according to the age of the chick by means of a crane.
  • Thanks to specially designed feeders, even one day old chicks can easily reach the feed.
  • Thanks to the swich at the end of the cage, the system automatically stops feeding the feed when the feeders are full.

Water Drinking System

  • There are 14 balled nipples per eye, with 2 lines of water and 7 eyes per eye.
  • There are 2 pressure regulators in each irrigation line.
  • The water coming from the network is sent to the water pipes at the appropriate pressure with the regulators.

Manure Removal System

  • Manure is transported with polypropylene plastic manure band which transports the manure under each layer and extending along the cage to the discharge band.
  • Movement is provided by separate gearmotors for each floor.
  • Thanks to the strippers available at each floor, the manure at the end of the poultry is delivered to the discharge band perfectly.
  • At the back of the cage, a protective cover was placed to prevent contamination by glare splashes.
  • The carrier rolls used in the hoods are specially rubber coated and the slippage of the band is minimized.

Broiler Evacuation System

  • When it is time for the broilers to evacuate, specially designed tray holders are manually opened to allow the animals to fall on the cleaned manure band.
  • The broilers coming from the manure band are transferred to a second broiler conveyor and delivered to the truck.

Broiler Models

Broiler Models Division Dimensions (mm x mm) Division Area (mm2) Overall Height (mm)
Star Bro - 2 1800 x 2960 5328000 2579
Star Bro - 2 1800 x 2960 5328000 3329
Star Bro - 2 1800 x 2960 5328000 4079
Target Weight (kg) 1 Division Capacity (Qty)
1500 175
1775 150
2130 125
2420 110
2660 100
2960 90
Note: 50kg per square meter in the cage, production of live broiler is aimed.

2 Floors

3 Floors

4 Floors