• High evaporation efficiency
  • Superb wetting properties
  • Low pressure drop when wet, leading to lower operating costs
  • No water carry-over
  • Low scaling
  • Self cleaning
  • Strong and self supporting
  • Long life time
  • Low running costs
  • Quick and easy to install
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Consistent high quality

Cooling Pad

Pressure Drop

Saturation Efficiency

Air Flow

  • CELdek® 7060-15 evaporative cooling pad is used in systems where high effi-ciency cooling is required. It can be used for many different cooling purposes but is particularly suitable for cooling of live stock buildings and greenhouses when higher air velocity is required. The green stripe pad consists of specially impregnated and corrugated cel-lulose paper sheets with different flute angles, one steep (45°) and one flat (15°) that have been bonded together. This unique design yields a cooling pad with a high evaporation efficiency while still operating at a very low pres-sure drop. In addition scaling is kept to a minimum and no water carry-over occurs due to the fact that the water is directed to the air inlet side of the pad. This is where most of the evaporation takes place. The impregnation procedure for the cellulose paper ensures a strong self supporting product, with high absorbance, which is protected against decom-position and rotting and therefore increasing longevity. The distribution pad constitutes a vital part of a complete system and should always be ordered in combination with CELdek evaporative cooling pads. Placed on top of the cooling pad it ensures a uniform supply of the water to the cooling pad and minimises the risk of dry spots.
  • The pet substructure, which is made of PVC or galvanized steel, also functions as a water tank at the same time. The high-capacity pump, filter and water circulation system are combined with the system, compact structure provides ease of use.

Tabreed Pad Papers

  • Table cooling pads consist of corrugated cellulose sheets that collect in the reverse direction with the "beehive" structure that creates an air flow inside the cell. These strata have a very high ability to absorb water. They are chemically treated with an odorless substance to prevent disintegration, exceptional wetting properties, air flow, high efficiency and maximum durability.
  • Table cooling pads are available in various heights, gutters, angle sizes and colors. It can be customized according to each client's application and requirements.
  • The tabled diffuser "beehive" design provides a homogeneous air distribution throughout the cooling area.